This might be a little late, but

Who decided they could cut down trees in front of Carmichael Dormitory? These weren’t wee little sapplings either. These were big hundred-foot jokers. There better have been a good reason, like people were going to die from the continued presence of those trees or the cure for cancer was in those trees’ sap and none other.

Also, who’s the genius that decided to alternately close the sidewalk between Morrison and Manning as well as Ridge Road between Stadium and Manning? Now I never know which way to walk in the mornings. Thanks. A. Lot.

This UNC construction expansion better be amazing when it’s done. I’m talking spectacular. High school seniors better come to campus and “ooh” and “ahh” and pass out at how freaking wonderful it is. Because right now, I’m annoyed.


3 thoughts on “This might be a little late, but

  1. Adam Reply

    You should move out of the sticks in South Campus ;-). Then you would have to deal with…er…well, more construction

  2. Anonymous Reply

    They did not choose to cut the trees dowm. The storm killed them, and dead trees have to be cut. I agree that the construction behind carmicheal is annoying, but hopefully they are building something important. reseach, david!

  3. David Hodges Reply

    i had no idea a storm killed them… the stump-wood looked yellow and healthy when i walked by them, but i’m no dendrologist.

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