‘Tis not that complicated

I checked the site you allude to and someone made a great comment about that post:

I guess I’m missing your point. If he had a little heavier foot on the accelarator and a little steadier hand on the wheel then he would have been a terrorist but now he’s just a misguided soul?

The University administration and others are trying to make this more complicated than it is. They keep saying that it is premature to label the attack and that they will wait until all information comes out. What more do they want? He is a radical Muslim who keeps shouting that he has done the will of Allah. Does someone who commits an act of terror have to be a member of an organization to be called a terrorist?

I agree with you David that the war on terror is a war on an ideology. People keep saying that this guy is one unique individual. Well, there are millions of young men who think just like him and are more effective in their goals living throughout Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, etc. This is not an isolated incident in today’s world. That’s the point.

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