Patrick Michaels – March 2, 7:30 Manning 209

Okay. Two things.

Instead of wasting time trying to refute scientific fact, critics of the anti-global warming agenda would better serve us all by attacking the collection of theories that pigeonholes climate trends and links them directly to you and your car.

That is exactly what Patrick Michaels will be speaking about tomorrow. He will clarify what the facts and the opinion within the Global Warming discussion are.

It is a fact, for instance, that some cities have gotten hotter over the past century. But is this due to the greenhouse effect or could it be due to the urban heating effect? That is an opinion. Michaels will also share some interesting facts that don’t get talked about much. For example, some cities have actually gotten colder in the last century. And the glaciers in certain areas of Antarctica have actually gotten thicker. Why is this? Come to the speech and find out.

Those who use use terms like “envirofascists” to describe those who advocate clean air and recycling demonstrate nothing but their own immaturity and lack of knowledge.

Preserving our environment is a good thing. But those who would advocate a policy that would destroy human life simply because the policy adheres to a theory they agree with are envirofascists. They advocate the destruction of human life so that they can attain a certain end.

Examples of envirofascist actions:
–outlawing DDT in Africa. Today three million people die of malaria every year in Africa. The malaria could be prevented by the use of DDT.
–Preventing the building of power plants in the third world because it hurts animals. The result is that millions are left without electricity, an often life saving tool.

–And finally, today, advocates of the greenhouse theory would prevent third world countries from developing because of this theory, subsequently, condemning millions of people and there posterity to destitution.

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