Cartoons and truth

M. Zuhdi Jasser, the chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy writes in the National Review online that the islamic riots over the danish cartoons is not about cartoons at all.

“The Muslim mobs we see inflamed are not al-Qaeda, but they are enraged Islamists driven by a fear of losing the ideological world war to the West. They fear the West, which honors the individual first and the community second β€” put another way, America first, and the ummah second. They fear more than anything having to compete in a non-theological legislature by the legal merit of the logic of their principles, rather than from behind the corrupt cloak of their theological monopoly on sharia,” he writes. “And that is why I am so enthusiastic about the liberation of Iraq…”

In addition, he argues as a Muslim, that democracy is better for Islam than theocracy because “no devotion that is coerced can ever be true.”

3 thoughts on “Cartoons and truth

  1. David Hodges Reply

    i read the last line differently than i did the first time i read your post. coercion kills devotion because love and meaning and faith and a lot of those other things we value most are all choices make?

  2. Anonymous Reply

    i totally agree, we should liberate more nations all over the world. why don’t we liberate…Nigeria?

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