O’keefe misses the point too…

“The self-importance of those two bodies is not commensurate with either’s power on or positive contributions to campus, and until the groups start moving mountains themselves, perhaps they ought not to overstate their own importance or Seth Dearmin’s failures.”

Once again, the issue is not whether or not Seth could have blocked the tuition increase. No one expects him to “move mountains.” However, we do expect him to represent students. How has he failed in this capacity? Well, one thing he failed to do at the Board of Trustees meeting was speak up. Chris Cameron of the DTH made a solid argument why the student fee for the renovation of Carmichael Dorm was unfair. The athletic department has a rainy day fund for that sort of thing, fees are for services not construction, etc. As soon as Chris sat down, the Board went to a vote on the tuition and fee increases. Seth did not even initiate a discussion on this point. He failed his constituent, Chris Cameron, and those who agree with Chris by not even discussing the issue.

The way Seth has been crucified in the paper and by this vote of no confidence feels like a witch hunt.

Not to pick on you David for using the expression, but why do people always think there is a witch hunt when a liberal is getting criticized? According to dictionary.com, a witch hunt is an investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views. No body is accusing Seth of subversive activities. Rather we are criticizing him for something he has been very open about. Furthermore, his policies, not his person are being criticized. (At least on this blog) So, no there is not a witch hunt out to get Seth.

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