didnt make my point clear enough

ok, you’re right. i kind of swept over the fact that dearmin was in support of tuition, and that the students were generally opposed (although i know some students who think tution increases are good–that it makes our school a better place. to that i say: tution = 12% of our school’s budget, so clearly there are other more powerful venues to “fundraise” to make our school a better place).

what i had meant to say in my last post (and i kind of did, just got muddled in a lot of other stuff) is that our SBP has no real power. and even though he/she has no real power, we still expect miracles.

and why is it that we’re so opposed to tuition hikes? the obvious answer is that we can’t afford/don’t want to pay more. but what if UNC really needs that money? what if our school will be worse place without it? doesn’t that make us look like selfish twentysomethings?

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