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For all of you who don’t read the comments section of posts, I am posting Taylor’s reply to David. I must say, she hits the nail on the head. David is kind of missing the point of the vote of no confidence.

Anyway, Taylor said:

Alright. It’s not a secret that just because Dearmin is on all of these committees that he his a miracle worker. He is, however, an elected student body officer and is expected to be the voice of the student body. The issue here is not whether he has the power to effect change within the tuition system. We know that he doesn’t. One voice against the rest of the BOT isn’t going to cause that much difference. The issue here is that he did NOT act as our voice. All he had to do was stand up and say “This is not what the student body wants.” In that one sentence, he would have been taking a stand against ever increasing tuition, something he said that he would fight during is SBP campaign this time last year. He refused to keep his end of the deal, and he deserves to hear what the students have to say about it. Truth is, he is graduating in May. He’s not going to be around for the next round of increases, and if he was, he’d have his stipend to pay for it. I know you say that he cares about students, but at this point, his actions AND his words speak louder than your perceptions of him.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Actually, the vote of no confidence is directed at the BOG before they approve the hikes on Friday. That and several other resolutions have been mailed to every member of the BOG. We all know Seth doesn’t care. Hell, he’s told me he doesn’t care what the DTH or anyone in Student Congress says. But he rolled over.And as for tuition and fee increases, all we really want is to see where the money goes. A $50 athletic fee increase for a one-time renovation? An extra $200 added to out-of-state tuition based on Trustee Fulton’s reasoning of “let’s see what happens”? Kinda sketch, ya gotta admit. Throw in Trustee Mason’s patronizing tone and refusal to allow public comment in the Finance and Audit Committee, and it’s just a mess.-Cameron

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