Christian Fundamentalism

Okay. I want to clarify. I have never listened to Pat Robertson talk or watched his show. So, I’ll take your word for it that he is crazy. However, I chose to defend him because I saw problems with some of the arguments thrown at him.

There is one idea in particular that I would like to focus on.

Pat Robertson has, on multiple cited occasions, used his religious ideology as justification for violent acts committed upon those with whom he politically disagrees…Is it not fair to say that his argumentation might, as I stated earlier, demonstrate rhetorical and methodical similarities to the argumentations of some Islamic fundamentalists?

I don’t really think that calling for the assassination of a terrible communist dictator is the same thing as calling for the destruction of an entire race or nation.

I firmly believe that one who preaches the creed of Christ should be expected to extol and exemplify reason, compassion, and peace as did Christ himself.

I agree. However, I sense that both you and david think that Christianity is a religion of pacifists. I don’t think it is. The Catholic Church has something called the “Just War Theory,” which many other faith traditions also adhere to. If there weren’t Christians who believe that violent force is sometimes necessary, we would be living under Nazi rule.

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