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I’ve been pretty bad about posting consistently in here, but, it’s a new semester, so let’s start this off right with a smattering of opinions about the goings-on in the world.

First, Brian’s defence of Pat Robertson makes me chuckle. Religious fundamentalism, the rigid in-your-face kind, no matter what the faith, is always humorous. Pat Robertson, poor guy, probably hasn’t had an original thought in his life. Concerning the Israeli-Palestinian border conflict, it’s like my father and grandfather have said, “They’ve been fighting each other over there ever since I was born, and for centuries before that, and they’ll be fighting for centuries more after I’m dead. It’s like they’re job. They reach a certain age and someone gives them a gun. They can’t help it, that’s just life.”

Fatalism is in the genes it seems.

Moving right along (about three countries to be exact), Iran keeps trying to develop nuclear weapons, despite the fact Bush keeps telling them that, “that ain’t a good idea, boys.”

Now, it bothers me enough that we have nuclear weapons of our own—after all, everyone makes mistakes, right? However, the idea of a theocratic government wielding the atom bomb is a little more than unnerving. Doesn’t that mean in theory if Allah tells them to drop it on someone, they’ve pretty much got to do it? Some people like to make fun of Bush for praying in the oval office, but those people have a constitution spelling out Islam, a religion, as their form of government. So much for that silly old western ideology of ours, you know the one: separation of church and state.

And so, maybe we never find the WMD in Iraq (everyone’s pretty much decided we won’t). I think there’s a much stronger case for war in Iran—one of Bush’s Axis of Evil—but we’ve now set a horrible precedent in Iraq by setting such low standards for what necessitates a war.

Looks like diabetes is on the rise and soon to overtake cancer and heart disease as the biggest killers. Diabetes is somewhat genetic from what I understand, and there are many cases on both sides of my family tree, so this article did more than raise an eyebrow. But then again, if we weren’t so afraid of our own demise, maybe this wouldn’t be such a big deal? Americans spend more per capita than any other country on healthcare, and most of it is for ridiculous experimental procedures to extend our lives by a few meaningless months. Die with dignity, that’s what I say. It’s like that Kansas song: all your money won’t another minute buy

And how ‘bout them Tar Heels? I’m talking about the Lady Heels, led by Miss Ivory Latta. Nobody watches women’s sports, and my theory is that it’s because they’re more boring than their male counterparts. Well, UNC women’s basketball is fun to watch. They’re high-scoring and fast-paced. Actually, they remind me of a certain national championship team from last year.

Oh, and our boys upset State, which meant all my loser high school friends that went there got calls of “BOOYAH, IN YOUR FACE.” UNC still has yet to lose to that institution in either major sport (football and basketball) since I enrolled.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I don’t think Brian was defending Pat Robertson, rather he was pointing out your flawed analogy. You also have a problem with analyzing quotes in their proper context as well.Also, a lot of people find your modernist views as insidious as Pat Robertsons insane delusions. So don’t be so presumptuous as to think that you are so “enlightened,” as compared to Robertson.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Argentina, Brazil, and (unfortunately) Chavez over in Venuzuela are also working on an atomic program.-Cameron

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