Not the Same Thing

Saying “death to Sharon” and “woe to someone who…” are not the same thing. Robertson believes that Israel belongs to the Jews and that they should not compromise. He believes that God wishes it to be so. Holding such a view and wishing death to someone is not the same thing.

What would Robertson’s vision of the future be? One of bloodshed? Of massacre? One of total war driven by religious extremism?

If one such as Robertson believes that a Jewish Israel is dictated by God, then his vision of the future would be one free of appeasement. But more importantly, why do you use extremism in that manner? Isn’t all religion extreme. Christianity says “Don’t be promiscuous” or don’t covet your neighbor’s wife.” It doesn’t say sometimes it’s okay. It says, don’t do it ever. Christianity calls for extreme behavior. Not moderate behavior. What is wrong with fundamentalist Islam is not that it is “extreme,” but that it’s basic teachings are fallacious.

It seems quite arrogant for Robertson, who is certainly neither Jewish religiously, or Israeli in terms of nationality, to presume to have an expert opinion on the proper political and ideological conduct of Israeli politics

Then it is arrogant for anyone to have an opinion on any sort of governance. I am not a veteran college administrator, but I express an opinion about university policy. And countless voters express an opinion about their leaders. Therefore, Robertson has as much right as any pundit to express his opinion.

Certain members of the religious right may be wrong at times. But to compare them to Islamic fundamentalists is off base.

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