Nutty Academe – 2005

The Pope Center recently posted its top ten list of the Nuttiest Campus Events in NC in 2005. Read it here.

UNC-Chapel Hill made the list twice:

7. Fork Over and Shut Up! In March, 71 faculty members wrote a public letter in The Daily Tar Heel urging UNC-Chapel Hill to cease negotiations with a donor, the John William Pope Foundation, whom the university approached to fund a Western Civilization program. The letter cited faculty members being left out of the process, worry about donor influence on the university, the fact that the donor funds conservative critics of the university (i.e., the Pope Center), and … the contingency that the donor can “withdraw funding after several years.”


“1. And Next to UNC Hospitals We Have the New Center for Rehabilitating John Edwards. Three short months after the 2004 election, the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law announced it had created a brand-new “Center of Work, Poverty and Opportunity” and named former U.S. senator and losing vice-presidential candidate John Edwards as its head. At the time of the announcement, Edwards was in New “First Presidential Primary” Hampshire addressing a Democrat fundraiser. Impressively, UNC officials avoided smirking while telling media that Edwards’ selection was not about politics.”

Way to go UNC!!!

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