Whatever happened to feminism?

A recent feature story in the N&O asks Whatever happened to feminism?

“Young women today aren’t so strident in the view that they must juggle a full-time career and a family to have a worthwhile future. They’re eschewing the grind that baby boomers embraced,” Stancill writes. “Does this mean young women are abandoning feminism? No, says Diane Kjervik, director of the Carolina Women’s Center at UNC-Chapel Hill. She believes they’re molding it for their own generation, making savvy decisions about their education, work and family.”

However, “In a recent essay, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd lamented what she says is a return to a 1950s mentality by young women.”

Maybe women realize that it is selfish for a couple to both have highpowered jobs and allow their kids to be raised by daycare attendants. Is that allowing yourself to be oppressed? I don’t think so.

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    I beleive feminism argues for the equal division of labor in the home so that both men and women can have equally significant roles in the public sphere.

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