Stupid ideas

I attended the annual conference of the John William Pope Center for Higher Education this weekend. One of the panels featured UNCW professor Mike Adams, columnist and author of Welcome to the ivory tower of Babel.

He talked at length about taboo subjects on campus and was quite funny as usual. But, the best part was his peroration. He told the audience that he does not want to silence liberal opinions. He thinks conservatives should shine light on those opinions. If conservatives want to battle Marxist thought at UNC-Chapel Hill, they should build a victims of communism museum on campus. Then when professors spout off their communist views, students can direct them as well as other students to the museum. There would be pictures of all the millions of dead who died at the hands of stalin and mao. There would be exhibits on labor camps and land redistribution.

Stupid ideas should not be silenced. Their stupidity should be illustrated by placing good ideas next to them. This should be the motto of the Review. We do not want to silence anyone, whether it be proponents of abortion, gay-marriage, communism, or any other vapid belief system. But rather we write to show the truth in good ideas.

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