Feminazi is a valid term to draw a similarity between extreme pro-abort feminists and extreme jew hating German Nazi’s. The reason it hurts Liz so much, is she cannot fathom that what she views as a constitutional liberty interest is in fact every bit as evil as what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. The two are only different in how they offend our senses. The one being a very private thing done in the secrecy of a sterile abortuary room and the other being done out in the open in giagantic concentraion camps. However, they both have at the source of their contempt and slaughter another human being. The prior is the unborn child who is seen by “Feminazi’s” as a “parasite” (in the literal and adjectival sense) and as an obstruction to the full equalization between men and women. The latter was the Jew, Catholic, or any other marginalized non pure, non-Aryan race, which the German Nazi’s could marginalize as a root cause of their own societal ills. Further, both groups had and have their “final solution”. Abortion being the feminazi final solution to what they see as the necessary means for full societal equalization of men and women and the latter being the German Nazi desire for a pure German race.

Further, the idea that to be a feminist is to be a “Feminazi” is incredibly flawed and is always used by “feminazi’s” who try and attack conservatives for the terms usage. All of the great early feminists of the early 20th century were pro-life thereby not a “feminazi”. Furthermore, there are plenty of feminist’s today such as those found in such groups as Independant Women’s Forum and Feminists for Life, which prove this point that to call someone a feminazi is not to say that they are a feminist therefore a feminazi. It is to merely say that they are an ultra extreme brand of feminism which promotes the destruction of human life to attain their goals. Feminism and Feminazism are two distinct and separate nomenclatures for very distinct and separate ideals.

Lastly, If Liz is insulted by the term feminazi, I must point out that I am insulted by her promotion of the culture of death and I am sure if all the unborn children who have died as a result of herideology could talk, they would be very insulted as well. So if the rule of thumb is that we should not hold viewpoints or speak in language that some might find as offensive, then maybe she should refrain from voicing her support for abortion, as I find that very offensive as well.

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