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Referring to people who want civil rights as “nazis” is like referring to MLK as a killer of Jews. Does that make any sense? Clearly not. If anything, feminists are the kind of people who would stand against the nazis- not with them.

Feminazi, I will admit, is a word that is used in an effort to be inflammatory. However, the comparison you make is completely inaccurate. MLK marched for freedom and the rights of the individual. Feminazi’s, and by feminazi I mean the ultra-left wing of the feminist movement, march and protest for death. Their number one issue is abortion.

Hitler wanted Germany to have what he called “living space.” The only problem was that people already lived in the lands he wanted to capture. So, he began to invade other countries and killed more Poles than he did jews.

Feminazi’s want nothing to get in the way of the lifestyle they wish to live. Unfortunately for them, women can get pregnant. So, to free themselves of this burden, the birth control pill was invented. Ayn Rand called the birth control pill “liberty” for women. (Not to say that Rand was a feminazi or that the pill is necessarily bad. This just helps the story move along.)

However, just as military operations were not enough for Hitler, the pill was not enough for feminists. Women were still getting pregnant. So, they had to win the “right” to obtain an abortion at any stage of pregnancy. It is their “final solution” to the “inconvenience” of being able to become pregnant. And since they won this “right,” feminazi’s such as the leaders of planned parenthood have defended abortion-as-birth-control despite its horrible effects.

Hitler is responsible for the deaths of six million jews in gas chambers and probably another 20 million in other fashions. Feminazi’s are indirectly responsible for the deaths of 40 million babies by the abortionist knife.

Try thinking a little harder about the words you use- a basic history lesson might be helpful. Brian, I’ll try to remember a dictonary for you at our next meeting.

I hope my narrative has cleared things up for you and illustrated that my history knowledge is quite sufficient at the moment. However, if you would like to give me a dictionary, that would be fine. I love getting books.

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