The Supreme Court


Chief Justice William Rehnquist has died after a long battle with thyroid cancer. Now, as the President deals with his decline in the polls (mainly due to the war in Iraq), the national disaster in Louisiana and Mississippi, and the controversial confirmation of John Roberts, he will now have to appoint someone to the highest position in the Supreme Court and find someone to fill yet another vacancy left on the bench.

I was curious to see what ideas you all had surrounding this 2nd appointment. Will President Bush appoint someone new to the position of Chief Justice (i.e.: John Roberts) or will he appoint an associate judge to the position? What direction will the President go in his search for the 9th judge in the Court? Any other thoughts on the situation?

14 thoughts on “The Supreme Court

  1. Taylor, there are a lot of theories out there. However, I am pretty sure that Roberts will go through, eventually. The real worry is what happens next. Some people say that two vacancies will force Bush to appoint a moderate after he gets Roberts through. I don’t think that he has to do that, but there will be a lot of pressure on him. Personally I hope that Scalia becomes chief justice and Bush nominates a staunch textualist (not conservative, but someone who will respect the constitution rather than citing international law right and left) but who knows. We’ll see.

  2. I was surprised by Bush nominating Roberts as the next Chief Justice. While he will probably be a good pick, I think he will have even more trouble getting through the Senate. There are plenty of liberal Senators who will not want to appoint a Chief Justice who is just 50 years old and has only been a judge for a few years. His “lack of experience” and potential for a long tenure will only become more important now that he has been nominated as Chief Justice.Brian, I’m not sure that Scalia would be the best pick either. The fact that Scalia is so conservative (that’s not bad thing) could work against him. Moreover, it could be difficult for Bush to juggle three different nominations at once. By nominating Roberts as Chief Justice, at least Bush will limit the situation to two appointees at one time.

  3. I agree, Fitz. With everything that is going on for Bush right now (rising gas prices, Katrina), the less he has to do the better. Now, he will only have two nominations, which will hopefully lead to less controversy. However, I think that since Roberts will now have to be confirmed as Chief Justice as well, his “lack of a paper trail” will prove worrysome to liberal Senators because they have no basis for judging his possible rulings on cases, even though he has promised to rule based on precedent and not personal beliefs. The entire confirmation process just got a whole lot more exciting (for me, at least because I’m a dork)

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