Rebuilding New Orleans

We live in an era where we have the technology to overcome any geographical hurdle. We have casinos in the desert, airports in the middle of the ocean, and the state capitol in swampland. We could place a shopping mall on a melting glacier if we wanted to, but this all depends on how much effort and money we are willing to spend. Throwing up our hands and saying “rebuilding a city below sea level? phsh! What a waste of efforts that could go towards war in Iraq!” seems a bit ironic to me. New Orleans is a vital part of this nation, and we do have the power to discover a good way to rebuild it.

3 thoughts on “Rebuilding New Orleans

  1. Taylor Stanford Reply

    Rebuilding New Orleans.What has happened over the course of the past week in Louisania and Mississippi is horrible. I agree that we should do everything within our power to help these people, whether it be with shelter, supplies, medical aid, what have you. However, no matter how horrible, New Orleans was an accident waiting to happen. It is a city built in a bowl and before conclusions are jumped to about rebuilding the city, the waters are going to have to receed, roads redone and the entire scope of the damage done will have to be taken into consideration. I hardly doubt that the government has thrown up it’s hands and has proclaimed that all resources devoted to New Orleans would be better served in Iraq. We do have the power to discover a good way to rebuild it, I’m sure, but you have to first give people a chance to go in and discover what is going to have to be rebuilt.

  2. liz Reply

    Well, yes, I agree. I purposely did not put a time date in the blg for rebuilding the city. Part of the ‘power to discover a good way to rebuild it’ involves researching what needs to be rebuilt and how to do it.

  3. Porkopolis Reply

    I’m maintaining a blog list of responsible bloggers asking the tough questions regarding the rebuilding of New Orleans at Discussions on alternatives to rebuilding New Orleans. With all due respect, your arguments that we can technically do anything we set our minds to is specious. We could also get rid of our Nuclear Waste by putting it in a rocket and aiming it at the Sun. But you have to go through a risk/reward/cost/benefit analysis.Seems like all the arguments for rebuilding have a foundation built on nostalgia, which is about a solid as New Orleans foundation of silt.

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