Boredom comes in all shapes and sizes

I like to complain that I never feel compelled to blog, but usually all it takes is to open up and something will inevitably jump out at me as worth commenting on. So let’s get to it.

Google , it would seem, is replacing Microsoft as the tech company most hated. While no one can deny what wonders it has done for the internet, its dominance is a bit, err, domineering. It is bar none the best, most efficient search engine. Period. No questions. But the problem when you’re that good is that now everyone whines about there being no room for competition. Google is so popular that other websites look to integrate its technology into their own websites, using the Google engine to power indexing services for searching their own websites.

Following the IPO, Google now has the resources to recruit the best engineers in the biz, and has apparently singlehandedy caused 50% inflation in Silicon Valley salaries. I say, lay off Google. They make a mighty fine product, and free market dictates that they should be allowed to deliver that product so long as people are ready and welling to consume said product. Besides, what has Google ever done to me, David Hodges? Not very much I’d say. I don’t see what liberal Leftist hippies are so scared of when it comes to big corporations anyways. It’s like they think they’re going to wake up in the middle of the night to banging on their door while these big corporations take their first born child or something. Get over yourself. You’re not that important, and big companies like Microsoft and Google just don’t care that much. If it really bothers you so much, here’s a thought, stop using Windows and stop using Google. Oh, you like their ease of use and efficiency too much to give them up? Then for heaven’s sakes, SHUT UP.

It looks like New York City subways are getting camera’s installed for security reasons. Looks like Big Brother on the surface, and maybe it is. But after riding the subway all summer to and from work, I can tell you that it isn’t a very pleasant experience to start with, and I very seriously doubt that cameras will detract in any significant sense the pleasure someone might derive from taking the subway. One would only hope that it might add a degree of normalcy back to the subway with the knowledge that any antics are going to be captured on film. But that, I’m afraid, is a fairly vain hope.

2 thoughts on “Boredom comes in all shapes and sizes

  1. Taylor Stanford Reply

    I got a shirt at the Young America’s Conference this past July and the first on the list of “Signs You Might Be A Liberal” is: ‘You might be a liberal if you sit at Starbucks with a $3 cup of coffee contemplating the evils of capitalism”. I guess in this case another fitting sign would be ‘You sit at your computer doing a Google search for another institution to harass because it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, and doing it better than you”. I’m just wondering what kind of uproar these same people would be making if Google was inefficient. They’d probably push for a government program to make search engines work how they want, no doubt ensuring that companies with less technological ability, speed and information would be given a leg up, just to make sure it’s “fair”.

  2. David Hodges Reply

    ahahhaahhaha governemnt program to make search engines work more efficient… oooo-weee *wipes tear* taylor that was a good one. actually, so was the drinking-a-$3-cup-of-coffee-while-coneemplating-evils-of-capitalism comment. oh how i’ve missed the conservative humor of CR. our first staff meeting better be soon.

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