Long time gone

Sorry, couldn’t refuse the Dixie Chick / Darrell Scott reference in the title. It fit too perfectly. But it has been too long since I tickled the keyboard over in this here part of the web. Thanks for the email, Brian, reminding me to blog it up Carolina Review style. I was actually just making the comment to Liz the other day that for a bunch of Poli Sci / Journalism majors, we don’t write politicky or newsish stuff in the CR blog very often. So let’s see what we can whip out, shall we?

I agree on all points that Bush, as a conservative, furthermore a conservative whom I voted for, should have the right to nominate a conservative Justice to the Supreme Court. A Justice who will, in theory, uphold the values that I as an American citizen endorsed when I voted conservatively. However, the Democrats, sore losers that they are, will not likely take this sitting down. They like to be heard too, and in some ways I guess it’s their right. All I’m saying is, folks, dig in. This has the potential to become all kinds of nasty. Filibusters in the Senate? Please. Baby you ain’t seen nothing yet. Before it’s all said and done that Constitution we love so dearly might wind up in bottom of a wastebasket, having been shredded to tiny bits and pieces. Bipartisanship, cooperation, acquiescence–these are all words to which politicians no longer know the meanings. I say let Judge Judy take the bench. It’ll do wonders for her ratings, and who knows, maybe the US Gov will make a little coin too.

In other news, those wiley Brits won the bid for the Summer Games in 2012. Fear not my adopted New York brethren. All other European cities will be, for all intents and purposes, out of the running in 2016 because the IOC doesn’t want to appear biased by selecting two cities from the same geographical region to hold the Olympics in subsequent terms. But maybe next time we try a little harder and make sure the Mayor doesn’t block the plans to build a new spectacular Olympic-sized stadium in the prime real estate of Manhattan? I’m pretty sure the IOC passing on NYC had a lot to due with the jeopardized state of the plans for downtown renovation. Who wants to take the subway from the village to the stadium? Not me. It smells down there.

Keeping with the sports theme, Lance Armstrong, American bicyclist extraordinare, is in the lead of the Tour de France. David Zabriskie crashed yesterday, relinquishing his lead to Armstrong. As an act of sportsmanship, Lance decided not to wear the yellow jersey that riders don to signify their status as leader because it “didn’t feel right to start in that jersey on somebody else’s misfortune.” However, the French officials refused to allow it and forced Armstrong to dress like a banana. Apparently, sportsmanship is not high up on the list of values taught over in France. Unfounded criticism, on the other hand, is. I keep waiting for the accusations to begin again that Lance is on chemicals. To borrow a joke from Robin Williams, it’s called chemotherapy you imbeciles. Something else to note: This is the earliest stage that Lance has ever taken the lead and this would also be his seventh consecutive victory, breaking his own record of six (four others are tied for second with five a piece).

I would comment about the journalist from The Times being thrown into jail after refusing to reveal their confidential source, but I think all journalists, amateur and professional alike, stand solidly behind the position that you can’t have free press if Big Brother watches over our shoulders all the time.

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