Filibusters (Is the horse dead yet?)

Your first posulate: “The Republicans are completely within their Constitutional powers to change Senate rules.”

Your second: “…if Democrats were the majority party, the Democrats would have absolutely no qualms about using their elective power to change the rules.”

And so based on those two things you support changing the Senate rules? What happened to treat others how you want to be treated? I agree wholeheartedly with Adam that it sets a bad precedent, changing Senate proceedings when you don’t get your way.

We live in one of the most politically divided times in our nation’s brief and often volatile history. No matter which side you fall on, I think both can see the advantages of working towards cooperation as opposed to fighting things out with filibusters and rule changes. That’s why my original post said shame on both sides, because two wrongs never make a right. We’re not justified to change the rules because we don’t like the results. So if the Democrats want to play dirty, I say let them. I’ll take the high road any day of the week. Anyone who knows anything about anything will see who the real losers and winners are.

4 thoughts on “Filibusters (Is the horse dead yet?)

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