On Filibusters

I know that it’s frustrating for Republicans that they are unable to to get a small number of judicial nominees through. There should be a straight up and down vote on the thing already. The Democratic Party’s pathetic excuse of an ongoing power play really demonstrates the depths of desperation that they have been reduced to these past few years, and especially now.

But, I have to agree with David. Changing Senate rules for this relatively unimportant bit of business is not a precedent that need be set. It is also a precedent that could theoretically come back to haunt the GOP later, should the shoe ever be on the other foot, on some issue far more important than this one. It is simply not worth the potential damage and the likely loss of faith among moderate and undecided voters.

Also a bad decision was Sen. Frist’s appearance in a religiously themed broadcast to push for the resolution to the judicial nomination crisis–even if by the “nuclear option” of moving to do away with the filibuster. Not only is it a blurring of the lines between church and state (and somewhat of a break with the traditional vestiges of this separation), the appearance also could call into question the public perception of these judges. It would seem in the public perception as though the religious right expects the nominees to pursue the interests of their defenders. The Republican Party must remember that the standard of rule in the United States is “rule by law,” and only law–not by interest groups, as morally obsessed and well-intentioned as they may be.

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