The Pope

I was reading an article from about Pope Benedict XVI that included many quotes from members of Ratzinger’s family. We are all aware that he is the oldest pope to be elected since the 1700s. However, that his family is not entirely happy that he has been elected Pope. They are concerned that because of his age the position will be a burden on 78 year-old. Also, he had asked to be removed from his position as a cardinal several times during the reign of John Paul II, and on every occasion, his requests were denied.

My concern revolves around this very aspect. I am aware that he is serving only as a ‘transition’ Pope, intended to further carry out the plans set forth by John Paul II, which happen to fall under a very conservative agenda. Even though he intends on doing this, does anyone else not find it somewhat tragic that the key candidate for the position of the Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church, was elected to his highest position of power after asking to be relieved a lesser position of power?

I’m not saying that he should not have been chosen. From all reports that I have read, it was almost a non-issue as to who was going to be elected. According to a new article all the way from Sydney, Australia, he was “always the man to beat.” Clearly, the Church sees him as the best man for the job and I am not one to question that. I suppose that I just find it somewhat contradictory that while he no longer wanted to be a cardinal, he now finds himself as the Pope.

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